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Liz Charters - Dented, Smudged, and Shining

Dented, Smudged and Shining is a temporary installation in the arena at the Art and Margaret Fry Recreation Centre. The text comes from a line of poetry by Canadian poet Jan Zwicky. While the vinyl installation recalls commercial signage traditionally used in advertising, the text is influenced by the changing contexts of the multi-use space and allows for different interpretations of the relationship between art and sport.

Bio and statement: Liz Charters is a visual artist and writer working primarily in sculpture and installation. Liz came to Dawson City in September 2023 as a KIAC artist-in-residence and hasn’t left yet. You can find more of their work on Instagram @electricsigns. 


Thank you to (S)hiver Arts Festival, KIAC and the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Dawson for their support of this project. Thank you to Beat at Unbeatable Printing, Arcane Perry, Eden Wilkins and Bryton Morris. Thank you to Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in for allowing us to work and play in their territory.

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