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Erin Dixon - Disco Highway

Welcome to the Disco Highway! If you've ever driven the North Klondike Highway, you know it's not just about the destination, it's about the journey! Erin Dixon has created a series of familiar Yukon highway signs, but now with more Disco! Forget mirror balls! These six authentically replicated signs are made out of plywood and have been covered with about a million hand-placed sequins! Each sign guides you along with more glitter and shine than a 1970's discotheque! As in real life, these sparkly signs remind drivers how to behave on the highway and what might be coming up ahead; a left turn, road construction or maybe even a disco moose! Perhaps these disco signs can also be applied to drivers on the highway of life? Why not! Everyone could use a little more Disco!



Erin Dixon Bio

b. 1975


Erin Dixon came to the Yukon with her family when she was six years old. She grew up and started her own family in Whitehorse before moving to Dawson City in 2022. As a long time Yukoner, Erin has been inspired by the natural beauty and has watched some of the complicated history of the Yukon unfold over the last 42 years and has learned so much from the people and the land, and for that she is so grateful.


Erin began her art career as a painter, but after the pandemic, she changed the focus of her art from outward looking, through landscape painting, to inward looking, through collage. Since making that leap, she has started a series of collages with Alice in Wonderland as her inspiration and proxy for what she discovers there. Alice as a character is lost in Wonderland, not sure where she is going, and discovers many amazing things along her journey. As a collage artist, Erin has stepped into the strange world of the inner self and has encountered many unusual subjects there. Erin’s collages create intricate and detailed stories about death, life, and our relationships to one another. Each collage is an intimate peek inside Erin’s inner world, which she expresses through her fascination with sequins, tattoos, cacti, flowers, mid-century modern furniture, Volkswagens, gardens, ponds and small creatures like butterflies, sparrows and caterpillars. Erin’s collages are deeply personal, but the viewer can always find a part of themselves in her strange worlds, if they look for it.


Erin works and lives with her family in Dawson City, in the heart of Tr’ondek Hwech’in Traditional Territory.

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