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Cud Eastbound - Elements at Bay

Elements at Bay' is an interactive sculpture nestled on the frozen expanse of the Yukon River, constructed from found wood. Its intricate structure, riddled with apertures, symbolizes the futility of conventional shelters in shielding us from life's challenges. The piece mirrors the struggle in North America, where homeownership is an aspiration, yet the prevailing economic strains make it difficult to navigate the costs of living, mental and physical health. 'Elements at Bay' invites contemplation on the fragility of our societal expectations and the resilience required to confront the unyielding elements of life.


Bio: Rooted in Dawson City, Yukon, Cud Eastbound is an experienced musician celebrated for their emotive folk music and raw lyricism, with a prolific discography to their name. Beyond music, Cud's off-grid lifestyle in a self-built Yukon log cabin drives their pursuits as a graphic designer and filmmaker, reflecting an outsider ethos across all creative fronts. Cud Eastbound's music delves into themes of resilience and personal growth, intertwining finely crafted guitar and banjo melodies with their emotive vocals. As an acclaimed filmmaker, Cud cultivates community spirit by organizing events, demonstrating a commitment to collaboration and unity within their community. Grounded in their surroundings, Cud's creative journey embodies a profound connection to the environment and the individuals they inspire and engage with.

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