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Annie Maheux - Échanges Thermiques, A Winterish Eat Art Performance

This participative performance explores the contrast of hot & cold food in the Yukon cold, winter scenery. What does it feel like to drink hot soup after a cold walk outside? How can we push this soothing feeling further? This is what Eat Artist Annie Maheux will put forward in her performance on the shores of the Klondike river during this month of February's festivities (s)hiver Festival.

Bio: Annie Maheux is a Canadian artist currently based in the Yukon territory, in the north of Canada. She works with the medium of food, inspired by the Eat Art movement from the 1960-70s by artist Daniel Spoerri. She uses mostly art performances, product design and culinary happenings to express her ideas about food consumption and the industry surrounding it. Recent explorations include several participative
banquets offering visual, technological and tactile experiences while eating outdoors.

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